We help technology entrepreneurs launch and scale knowledge-based businesses without risky investments and years of trial and error, using an engineering-based approach to design, testing, launch and growth.

You can turn your expert knowledge into a profitable, one-to-many product or service WITHOUT:

  • Getting a huge investment

  • Wasting $1000s on paid ads

  • Getting caught in "analysis paralysis"

  • Losing months or years to trial and error

  • Destroying your work/life balance

How? By leveraging engineering principles to make your entrepreneurial journey predictable, controllable and scalable.

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Unlock Your Worth: The Most Valuable Knowledge Workbook

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  • The #1 mistake you can make when choosing a niche

  • How to know in advance that people will pay for your expertise

  • The secret to monetizing in weeks instead of months or years

Hi. My name is Erik Gross. I'm the founder of Career Architect.

I've been a technology pro and entrepreneur for almost four decades. In that time, I’ve done the following kinds of work:

  • Operated nuclear reactors on Navy ships

  • Taught nuclear engineering, digital computer design and operation, systems engineering and analysis, and a whole lot of other nerdy stuff to sailors in the Navy

  • Created e-commerce sites in the early days of the web

  • Worked as a technology leader at tons of companies in many different industries

  • Co-founded The Tech Academy, one of the top-rated coding boot camps in the world

  • Helped almost 2,000 people break into tech or advance their technology careers


When you work with me, this is what you get:

  • Work with me to leverage your existing knowledge in creating scalable income streams

  • Learn how to stand out from your peers and be your own best advocate

  • Master an engineering-based approach to product design, testing, launch and growth

  • Become a true authority in your space

See Results in 30 Days or Less

If you are a technology professional and you want to:

  • Translate your expertise into a marketable, scalable business

  • Salvage an existing side hustle that just isn't working

  • Master online marketing without breaking the bank

  • Create financial security without relying on your 9-5


Zack Metcalf

"I loved the training - you broke it down to the core, and made it super easy and simple to understand. Honestly it made a lot of things click with me, and I understand now on an even deeper level how things work"


Ryan Laclaire

"He helped me see my true value... Take that step. I was hesitant as well at first, but I will be forever grateful to Erik for helping me figure out my path and guiding me along in my search. It was definitely the right decision."


Stirling Hepburn

“If you think that you need career coaching, or if you feel like you have the potential to really do more… and you want to reach a higher level; start something on the side… you just need to sign up with Erik.”

Thinking About Launching Your Expert Business?

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What Silicon Valley Doesn't Want You To Know About Being A Tech Entrepreneur

The Secrets Behind Launching A Successful Knowledge Based Business Without A Ton Of Money!

  • Secret #1: How To Test And Launch Your Business At No Cost

  • Secret #2: What To Do If You Think Nobody Will Pay For Your Expertise

  • Secret #3: How To Find The Exact Reasons Your Ideal Customers Will Buy

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