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Unlock Your Worth: The Most Valuable Knowledge Workbook

A 5-Step Guide to Discovering, Nurturing,
and Monetizing Your Key Skills in

Have you ever thought about turning your expert knowledge into a profitable side income... but never quite gotten that business off the ground?

You're not alone. Many bright, entrepreneurial people think about starting a business based on their expertise, but fail.


The missing ingredient is certainty. They start to wonder:

  • Am I really an expert?

  • Do I actually know enough so that people will pay me for teaching them?

  • I may be good at what I do, but I don't really enjoy it... Why would I try to create a business around that?

  • How do I really know that people will pay for what I know?

This book will help you answer those questions for yourself.

It's about finding the exact intersection of your personal interest, hard-won skill and crystal-clear market demand that is your Most Valuable Knowledge.

It's about certainty.

Inside this 40-page workbook are the exact exercises that will give you that clarity and confidence. The approach you'll learn has been used over and over again to help information entrepreneurs from all walks of life to discover, nurture and monetize their Most Valuable Knowledge.

We use this workbook every day to help our private coaching clients to design, build and scale their own scalable information-based businesses - and it's yours for free.

Why? Because we believe in delivering value in advance, so you can decide for yourself whether it makes sense to work with us.

Please accept this free workbook, and use it to gain clarity and certainty - so you can move forward with purpose in your entrepreneurial journey.

Erik Gross - Founder, Career Architect