What Silicon Valley Doesn't Want You To Know About Being A Tech Entrepreneur

Exclusive Training With Erik Gross

The Secrets Behind Launching A Successful Knowledge Based Business Without A Ton Of Money!

  • Secret #1: How To Test And Launch Your Business At No Cost

  • Secret #2: What To Do If You Think Nobody Will Pay For Your Expertise

  • Secret #3: How To Find The Exact Reasons Your Ideal Customers Will Buy

100% No-Cost. Seating Is Limited To 100 Attendees!

In this training, Erik Gross (Co-founder of The Tech Academy) shows how his clients are going from business failure to successfully launching scalable side businesses that leverage their hard-won expertise, and landing their first clients - in a matter of weeks.

Over the last decade, Erik has helped thousands of people to succeed in tech, and to create multiple streams of income based on their hard-won knowledge and skill. The best part? They've done this with no background in being an entrepreneur, and with little or no budget.

Ready to design, launch and scale your own profitable knowledge-based business, where you can help people with your expert skill - and make a ton of money doing it? Register now to learn how you can leverage your technology expertise to succeed as an information entrepreneur - without huge, risky investments.


Stirling Hepburn

“I didn’t have a very clear vision of where to go next, or what to do with any extra time I had to continue to build my wealth, and to really achieve financial security for myself and for my family."

“I was able to commit to doing that, whereas before it would always be something where I’d think, ‘I’ll do that someday’ - and then just wouldn’t really happen.”

“If you think that you need career coaching, or if you feel like you have the potential to really do more… and you want to reach a higher level; start something on the side… you just need to sign up with Erik.”


Zack Metcalf

"I loved the training. You broke it down to the core and made it super easy and simple to understand. Honestly it made a lot of things click with me, and I understand now on an even deeper level how things work."


David Mervine

"Erik knows his stuff, he really has the ability to mentor you into tech and opening multiple sources of income. He is a stable base which will push you to become a more powerful person."

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100% No-Cost. Seating is limited to 100 attendees

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